Diffuse Source Help

There are three different methods used to account for diffuse sources, chosen depending on the source type.,

If the diffuse source is: Power Law or Spectral(m)

---> The inputs are considered to be per square arcsecond.

If the diffuse source is: Blackbody or Spectral (dist.,rad.)

---> When the solid angle is greater than one centroiding unit the flux per centroiding unit is reduced.

If the diffuse source is: AGN or Galaxy

---> The Sersic profile for intensity of galaxies is used. ref: Graham A. W., Driver S. P., 2005, PASA, 22, 118

Counts per second are found using the energy flux for standard extra-galactic sources as given by NASA. Then using the Sersic profile, the ratio of Luminosity less than the radius of the centroiding area to total luminosity is found. This ratio is multiplied to the counts per second and divided by 29 to yield counts per frame.